This fun and dynamic class goes far beyond the “normal” acting class, offering simple, empowering tools which can be applied to any type of performing, as well as public speaking.  Students will experience first-hand what it means to be truly “present,” relaxed, engaged and fully self-expressed in an environment that is inspiring and supportive.  Students will also leave with a clearer sense of their own creativity and creative goals, and the confidence to manifest them.  Actors and performers of all levels of experience are welcome, as well as anyone wishing to feel more comfortable speaking in front of others.  Please bring a 1-3 minute monologue, poem, story, song (can be self-written), preferably committed to memory—and come discover the magic and fun of acting and creative self-expression!

Course #1331           Wednesday NHS
6:30-8:30 PM             Starts3/20/19             8 Classes
Sheri Bresson,                                              Fee $129
Actor, Singer, Writer & Teacher, Graduate of Tisch School of the Arts


Studio Art is structured like a traditional high school or undergraduate foundational art course and includes content in traditional drawing, painting, sculpture and mixed media.  Students will experiment with a variety of media in each discipline, with emphasis on foundation, building, problem solving, and conceptual exploration.  Studio Art is ideal for beginning artists seeking regular studio time, students seeking to develop their portfolios, and/or for anyone looking for a fun and engaging general art experience.  

Course #1432              Thursday                 NHS
6:00-7:30 PM               Starts 3/21/19          6 Classes
Michael Obre                                                Fee $99

Come and explore the art of watercolor painting.  This course will include the basic techniques for using watercolor as an expressive and versatile way to paint.  Basic drawing/illustration techniques for artists will be covered.  The class will include more advanced techniques for students who already know some of the basics.  Students will be required to purchase supplies.  A list will be provided.

Course #1220            Tuesday                   NHS
6:30-9:00 PM              Starts 3/12/19         6 Classes
Lisa Dawson                                              Fee $139

Various styles of cartooning are welcome in this exciting course.  Emphasis will be placed on the development of original characters and the universes they inhabit.  The fundamentals of general art techniques, character development, and storytelling with emphasis on narrative art techniques, penciling, inking, lettering, and coloring (both traditionally and digitally), are the foundations of this class.  It is recommended that participants have a sketchbook to work in regularly outside of class.

Course #1233              Tuesday                    NHS
6:00-7:30                     Starts 3/12/19            6 Classes
Michael Obre                                                 Fee $99

Learn the fundamental steps and techniques needed to understand and create a drawing.  No prior skill necessary.  Learn through a guided exploration in the use of shapes, lines, shading, texture and perspective as the elements and building blocks that make a drawing come to life.  Those who wish to review basics or improve skills are welcome.  More advanced techniques covered for experienced students.  Students are required to purchase supplies.  A list will be provided.

Course #1462                  Thursday               NHS
6:30-9:00 PM                   Starts 3/14/19        6 Classes
Lisa Dawson                                                   Fee $139

Working from a costumed model, our life drawing sessions are structured traditionally with a series of gestural warm-ups, followed by 20 min poses, and concluding with one long pose.  Beginners are encouraged to attend and instruction will be provided; advanced artists may work in any media they chose.  Basic drawing materials (pencils, paper, charcoal) will be provided.  Life Drawing is ideal for beginners, art students developing portfolios, and advanced artists looking to stay sharp.  A $25.00 models fee is payable to the instructor at the first class.  

Course #1334                   Wednesday             NHS
6:00-7:30 PM                    Starts 3/13/19         6 Classes
Michael Obre                                                    Fee $99

Do you have a digital camera that you have no idea how to use on any setting other than auto?  Then THIS CLASS IS FOR YOU!  In one session, learn how to shoot on manual mode to unleash the camera’s potential and your artistic control.  This action-packed workshop covers W/B, ISO, Aperture (f-stop), and Shutter Speed, and how they work together under your control to get the artful shots that you want.  Participants should bring a DSLR camera to class with a fully charged battery and memory card.  A Nikon D5200 camera will be provided for participants without a DSLR for each class session.

Session I
Course #1644                     Saturday               NHS
9:30-11:30 AM                    Starts 3/16/19       1 Class
Michael Obre                                                    Fee $49

Session II
Course #1445                     Thursday                 NHS
6:00-8:30 PM                      Starts 5/16/19         1 Class
Michael Obre                                                      Fee $49

Imagine the thrill of seeing your precious fur baby on a 12” x 12” canvas, painted by YOU!!!  How?  Easy!  Color On Wheels is coming to make this all possible.  All you need to do is register and then submit an electronic, clear, close-up of your pet’s darling  face to us at  Files will be sent to the artist who will transfer a simple pencil outline sketch of your pet’s basic features, onto the canvas.  The evening of the class, the instructor will guide you to paint the background and then work with individuals to paint and shade to create the image of your precious pet.  All supplies are provided.  Most importantly relax and have FUN.  Believe you CAN!  I’ll show you how.  Limited to 8 students.  No discounts apply.  

Course #1406                    Thursday              NHS
6:00-8:30 PM                     Starts 3/28/19      1 Class
Karen Hess, Color on Wheels                         Fee $69

As the weather warms, I am sure you are thinking of ways to decorate your garden!  Well, in the warmth of my home-based studio we will do just that!  In this 3-session class, you will create a lovely mosaic piece that can either be used as a stepping stone or house marker.  This would make a lovely Mother’s Day gift!    All materials and tools provided.  A materials fee of $13.00 is payable to the artist at the first class.  Limited to 8 students.  Not handicap accessible (stairs).

Course #1161                      Monday                  Kelly Makuch Studio
6:30-9:30 PM                       Starts 4/8/19          3 Classes
Kelly Makuch                        Fee $69

All classes held at:  Kelly Makuch Studio
222 Brushy Hill Road, Newtown, CT

Wind chimes make a great gift for any gardener or those who love a bit of whimsy!  In this class, you will create fun and fancy fused glass wind chimes with fusible glass.  Learn to cut glass and arrange glas and the basics of glass fusing.  Great for returning and new students!  A demonstration of finishing will be given at the end of class.  (Chime parts will be ready for pick up one week following class.)  All glass materials and tools provided.  A materials fee of $6.00 is payable to the artist at the first class (for hanging accessories)  Limited to 8 students.  Not handicap accessible (stairs).

Course #1221                        Tuesday               Kelly Makuch Studio
6:30-9:30 PM                         Starts 5/14/19       1 Class
Kelly Makuch                                                        Fee $69

All classes held at:  Kelly Makuch Studio
222 Brushy Hill Road, Newtown, CT

Create your own fun and funky garden stakes!  You will make three stakes that are great to add a little fun to a potted plant and one garden stake to place directly in the garden with an attached stake.  Samples will be available for inspiration!  Another great Mother’s Day gift idea!  All tools will be provided.  A materials fee of $13.00 is payable to the artist at the first class (for stake).  Limited to 8 students.  Not handicap accessible (stairs).

Course #1642                          Saturday                           Kelly Makuch Studio
12:30-3:30 PM                         Starts 3/23/19                   1 Class
Kelly Makuch                                                                     Fee $69

Course #1553                           Friday                               Kelly Makuch Studio
6:30-9:30 PM                            Starts 4/12/19                   1 Class
Kelly Makuch                                                                      Fee $69

All classes held at:  Kelly Makuch Studio
222 Brushy Hill Road, Newtown, CT

Send your sentiments from the heart with a handcrafted card!  Learn assorted paper crafting techniques and practice them during this fun and easy card making class.  Each participant will have the opportunity to test and use different cutting tools, coloring agents and get familiar with common card and envelope sizes.  All skill levels welcome.  We will make a minimum of 4 cards per night PLUS a sweet treat packaged to perfection.  A materials fee of $30 is payable to the instructor on the first night of class.

Course #1359                           Wednesday                   NHS
6:30-8:30 PM                            Starts 3/13/19                3 Classes
Sally Hessenius                                                              Fee $69