Move over cats and dogs!  Backyard chickens are the new “IT” pet!  Learn what it takes to raise your own flock (i.e.., money, time, supplies involved) and how to keep them happy and healthy.  Topics to be covered will be breeds of chickens, starting your flock, coop and flock management, chicken behavior, and more.  No discounts apply.

Course #5451                 Thursday             Starts 3/21/19               

6:30-8:30 PM                   2 Classes           NHS                          Fee  $79

Instructor:  Michelle Nardozzi

Goats are useful, incredibly entertaining, and rewarding as pets and producers— NO KIDDING!!!  Find out all you need to know about raising goats!  Topics will include getting started, breeds and their use, supplies and shelter, keeping goats healthy, goat milk and other products, and much more!  No discounts apply.

Course #5452                 Thursday             Starts 4/4/19           
 6:30-8:30 PM                  1 Class               NHS                       Fee $49
Instructor:  Michelle Nardozzi

Instructor Bio:
Michelle Nardozzi is the owner/operator and #GOATBOSS of Newbury Farms LLC, a small farm/homestead in Newtown, CT.  The farm was established in 2015 by Michelle and her husband, Rob, after their childrens’ diagnoses with food allergies and other health issues.  By taking control of the food they lovingly raise (organically-produced, non-GMO farm fresh eggs, raw goat milk, garden fresh vegetables), they experienced the power of clean-eating through significant improvements in their family’s overall health.  Michelle, Rob and their two children, also “benefit” from daily snuggles with their beloved chickens, silly goats, adorable pet pigs, and fluffy beast of a livestock guardian dog.  


Want to become more self-sufficient and connected to your  food and nature?  Come join our Modern Homesteading classes, designed to inspire and motivate you to DIY in your own backyard and gain valuable skills once utilized by our great-grandparents.  Topics include:  How to Get Started Homesteading, Raising Homestead Animals, Kombucha, Seed Saving and Starting from Seed, and Homemade Lotion.  This is a series of three classes, but feel free to sign up for one, two or ALL three sessions!  No discounts apply.

Instructors:  Forest Clinton and Michelle Nardozzi

Session I:  What is Homesteading?  

How to Get Started, and Why its Valuable  AND Raising Homestead Animals:  chickens, goats, ducks, pigs, etc. and the time/cost/supplies involved.

Course #5301           Wednesday              Starts 5/8/19            6:30-8:30 PM            1 Class                NHS               Fee $69

Session II:  Seed saving, starting plants from seed, and seed swapping AND making Kombucha:  

Why save seeds?  How to select, process and store seeds; how and why to swap seeds.  We encourage you to BYOS (bring your own seeds, non-GMO please ) to swap!  Make your own probiotic-rich, immune-boosting, gut-healthy tea and take home a SCOBY for more at home brews!

Course #5302           Wednesday               Starts 5/15/19           6:30-8:30 PM            1 Class              NHS                Fee $69

Session III:  All natural, homemade lotion. 

You can ditch all those harsh chemicals!  Learn the process of making your own lotion, what supplies you will need, and much more!

Course #5303           Wednesday                  Starts 5/22/19          6:30-8:30 PM            1 Class             NHS                 Fee $69

Note:  Fee to take all three classes is $199

Instructor Bio:
Forest Clinton is the owner/operator of and lives on a small 0.25 acre homestead in Milford, CT.  Her homesteading adventures began when she started growing container gardens and quickly “grew” to include a flock of chickens, a rescue dog, and 18+ various raised garden beds, brimming with unusual, rare and heirloom veggies, herbs, fruit, and flowers.  Some of her favorite activities are:  seed saving/swapping, artisan soap and lotion making, organic gardening, raising chickens, food fermentation and making Kombucha.  Forest, her husband Bill, and their three children enjoy eating fresh eggs and produce from their backyard homestead year round.