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Dear Community,


Coming out of Winter is like waking up from a nap.  For many of us this is a slow process—dusting the cobwebs from our minds, stretching our bodies, reaffirming that the world is still there around us.

 Exercise your minds, see what else the world has to offer: read a new book, re-awaken your spirit.  Take that adventurous step into a new challenge! Start a project, get fit, take a class, take two!  Who knows what new adventures will come with Spring!

 We have many new classes to offer you, 28 in all, as well as returning with many of your favorites.

 A sampling of our new classes include:  Roadmap to Medicare, Reverse Mortgages, Fused Glass Jewelry, Dragon Makers Paper Mache, Natural Solutions for Women’s Health, Weight Management and High Blood Pressure, DIY Spring and Summer Essentials Using Essential Oils, Angelic Communication, The Sound of Light Choir, the Ancient Art of Tuina, Journey Into Your Past Lives, All About Androids, Spanish and Italian, Natural Henna Tattoo, Color Workshops and others too!

 We hope you will consider joining us this Spring in what promises to be another action packed semester.  In the meantime, if you have any questions or we can be of assistance in any way, please call our office at (203) 426-1787

Are you or is anyone you know at risk for Diabetes? 

The Regional YMCA of Western Connecticut is sponsoring a  Diabetes Prevention Program in Newtown.  For more information click on Diabetes Prevention Program on the right.

  * Please note that Taking Better Pictures Through Knowing Your Camera is a 2 night class. There is a typo in our print brochure.

The Staff at Newtown Continuing Education