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Dear Community,




Finally!! It’s spring, or it will be soon.  Can you smell the change in the air as our world around us starts to wake up?  We all have our own spring awakenings.

The planting catalogs are coming full force now, time to start garden planning, we have a class to help you that. (Gardening)

Boating and fishing come to mind as well.  We have a boating safety course to help you with that. (Enrichment)

The golf courses are opening again and you are stiff? We have a yoga class to help you with that. (Fitness)

Spring and summer weddings are starting to loom.  We have a ballroom dancing class to help you with that.(Fitness)

As the daylight starts to last longer we are all more willing to stay out longer. Take a look at what else we can help you with.

 We have 21 new classes as well as many of your old favorites.



Please join us this Spring.

If you have any questions or we can be of assistance in any way, please call our office at (203) 426-1787 



Elissa Gellis
Newtown Continuing Education