Transition is a process that everyone goes through.  We transition from youth to adulthood and from middle age to old age.  Transition for students with disabilities deals specifically with the transition from high school to college, or high school to work, and independent living.

The NHS Special Education Department provides Transition Services.  These services range from helping students identify their interests and abilities to helping students find paying jobs.  Transition Services are for all special education students typically beginning at the age of 16 and vary depending the student's age and grade.

The 18-21 program is a Transition Program designed for students who continue to require special education services through the age of 21.  Transition students learn about the world of work and try different types of interest related work.  They also learn independent living skills, and about community participation.  Some students also decide to take more courses in their area of interest, such as: culinary, video production, theater, or child development.  This program has a social component as well.  NHS students get together with students from other area transition programs for field trips, learning experiences, and fun!

For more detailed information about NHS Transition Services, please contact Noel Macfadyen, Transition Coordinator or call 203-426-7690 for more information.

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Building a Bridge (in PDF)


Transition Planning Brochure (in PDF)
Transition Toolkit (in PDF)
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