Newtown Education Foundation

Are there educators in the Newtown Public School district who have made a difference in your or your child's life?  Would you like to recognize them this holiday season?  The Newtown Education Foundation is offering students and parents the opportunity to recognize a special educator (or two!) through our "honor an Educator" program.  For a minimum donation of $10, students and parents can recognize an educator who will receive a special certificate and their name on the "Honor an Educator" wall of fame on the NEF website.  More information can be found on the NEF website:  www.newtowneducation


The Newtown Education Foundation (NEF) was established in 2015 to enrich the learning experiences for students by promoting innovation and creativity.  With a focus on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and math,) NEF seeks to award educators in the Newtown Public Schools with grants for curriculum enhancement, technology and professional development.