The Newtown TEAM Coordinating Committee seeks applicants for the mentor teacher position each year.  If you are a teacher in the Newtown Public Schools and are interested in becoming a mentor teacher, you must discuss your interest with your school administrator and complete the Cooperating and Mentor Teacher Application. Applications cosigned by your building administrator are due to the Assistant Superintendent by April.  Copies of the application form are located in each school office or can be downloaded from this link: 
Mentor Application Form
Teachers must meet the following qualifications to be a mentor:
  • Possession of a professional educator certificate or a provisional certificate and a minimum of three years of successful teaching experience
  • Employment by the Newtown Board of Education for at least one school year. A teacher can apply and be trained for becoming a mentorduring their third year (or more) of teaching and first year (or more) of employment in the district
  • Demonstration of effective teaching practice as defined by the Connecticut Common Core of Teaching (revised 2010)
The applicants will be interviewed by the Assistant Superintendent and the School TEAM Facilitator.  The pupose of this interview is to discuss mentoring with the applicant and develop an understanding of each person that will help us match mentors to new teachers.  Once selected, prospective mentors must receive formal TEAM training.  A trainer of mentors for the TEAM program will provide the training for three school days.

Mentor teachers are paid a $1000 stipend per year for working one-on-one with a beginning teacher.  Mentors are also paid a stipend for working with long term substitutes and one-on-one with a teacher new to the district (with experience and provisional certification) who are not required to go through the TEAM program. The High School and Sandy Hook use a team approach to mentoring which results in a different schedule of stipends determined by the principal and/or mentoring team in the school. Mentors may also serve as cooperating teachers for student teachers.

If you want more information about being a mentor, the TEAM program, and/or the approach to supporting beginning and new teachers in your school, please speak with your principal. Being a mentor is an excellent way to move beyond your classroom to support the district and the teaching profession. We encourage you to consider being a mentor if you meet the qualifications.

Team Building Facilitators

Jean Evans Davila and Karen Dreger - District Facilitators

D.J. Nicholson - High School

Susan Lang - Middle School

Phil Beierle - Reed Intermediate

Jenna Connors - Hawley Elementary

Karen Dreger - Head O'Meadow Elementary

Peg Kennedy- Middle Gate Elementary

Kris Feda - Sandy Hook Elementary