How do we measure student progress in developing social and emotional learning competencies?
  • Regular review of school-wide data such as attendance, discipline referrals, counselor visits, and grades.
  • Student surveys:
    • Annual Safe School Climate Survey: Administered in the spring to students in grades 3-12, staff and parents, this survey provides feedback on school culture and the learning environment
    • Social Emotional Learning Survey:  Administered in both the fall and spring, this survey is administered to students in grades 5-12.  Questions are designed to elicit students’ reflections on their strengths related to growth mindset, self-management, social awareness, self-efficacy and emotion regulation.
      • Growth Mindset:  Student perceptions about whether they have the potential to change those factors that are central to their performance in school.
      • Self-Management:  How well students manage their emotions, thoughts and behaviors in different situations.
      • Social Awareness:  How well students consider the perspectives of others and empathize with them.
      • Self-Efficacy:  How much students believe they can succeed in achieving academic outcomes.
      • Emotion Regulation:  How well students regulate their emotions.
School leadership teams analyze data at the school level to determine areas in need of improvement and develop action plans.  School counselors also review data to inform decisions regarding types of lessons to offer in classrooms and types of groups they can offer to students throughout the year. 

Click on the links below to view the survey questions:
Grade 5 SEL Survey Questions 2019-2020
Grades 6-12 SEL Survey Questions 2019-2020.pdf

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