BOE Standing Committee
The following are standing committees of the BOE, expected to make regular reports to the BOE as a whole.  Meetings will be posted and will be open to the public.  The Committee Chairperson will be responsible for calling meetings, setting agendas, and moving committee work forward.  The Committee Chairperson will ensure that agendas and minutes are posted in a timely manner consistent with FOI requirements.  The Board Chair, with the approval of the Board, may also appoint additional standing committees as may be needed.

  1. Financial Responsibilities
           a)  Time permitting, review monthly line item expenditure report from the BOE Business Director,
           b)  Time permitting, review all budget transfers between line items and make recommendations for such transfers;
           c)  Review financial reporting mechanisms and yearly budget documentation for clarity and content and present any recommendations;
           d)  Provide oversight of contracts totaling $200,000or more over the duration of the contract.
  1. Review the terms and conditions for the Request For Proposals (RFP);
  2. Review contract bids prior to recommendation to the Board;
  3. Review reports from contracted services as needed.

       2.  CIP/Facilities Responsibilities

          a)  Review capital expenditures and proposals for the Town's five and ten year capital improvement plan (CIP) in accordance with the Town's CIP Regulation timeline;
          b)  Review quarterly, building and maintenance needs with the Building and Grounds Facility Director.
          c)  Provide oversight to BOE Capital Improvement Projects, working with the Director of Facilities and, as needed, the Town Public Building  and Site and other Town commissions.


  1.  Work with the Superintendent and the Board to communicate effectively with the education community and the community as a whole about school matters;
  2.  Produce fact-based newsletters and documents as directed by the Board.


  1.  Develop a consistent body of expertise regarding union contract negotiations at the Board level;
  2.  Committee members will split specific union negotiations among themselves, and members should reflect a variety of skills and  length of service on the Board.   Additional Board members may be assigned by the Board Chair to fill out representation for specific negotiations.


  1. Ensure that the direction of the curriculum reflects the Board of Education mission, beliefs and objectives at both the course-specific and K-12 vertical alignment level;
  2. Meet with administration and staff to review goals, curriculum updates, new textbooks, proposed or changed courses and programs and make recommendations regarding these items.


  1. Review, support and oversee the goals and objectives of the  Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion work in the District to ensure consistency with Board Policies.
  2. Work with the Coordinator of  Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, the Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent and the Equity Team and act as  bridge to the  Board of Education and its committees on matters related to  Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.
  3. Recommend to the Board of Education any action that needs their approval to support the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion needs of staff and students.


  1. Review and propose revisions to Board policies as needed to ensure consistency with the District mission statement, best practices and for compliance with state and federal laws;
  2. Develop new Board policies as appropriate.


Newtown Public Schools recognize that there are beneficial long term and short term outcomes from implementing Social Emotional Health & Wellness programs within our district.  Research has shown benefits that include improved academic performance, college readiness, career readiness, positive mental health, positive social behaviors, and healthy adult relationships.  The district's social emotional framework outlines 5 competencies that are monitored and measured throughout the school year - self awareness, social awareness, relationship skills, self management, and responsible decision making.  School leadership teams analyze data at the school level to determine areas in need of improvement and develop action plans.  School counselors also review data to inform decisions regarding types of lessons to offer in the classroom and types of support they can offer to students throughout the year.

  1. Work with the Superintendent and Health and Wellness Coordinator to prioritize social-emotional programs and practices that impact students' well-being.
  2. Establish and sustain a culture that supports mental health services for all staff, students, and families.
  3. Assess district and community resources to ensure mental health services are accessible to all members of the school community.
  4. Monitor and evaluate the implementation and impact of district health and wellness policies and protocols.
  5. Provide regular feedback to the Board of Education and recommend changes or modifications to the district's health and wellness program for board approval.

     School.  Connect with school administration and PTA to offer attendance at meetings or events when possible.
     Boards and Committees.  Attend meetings when possible to help keep the Board of Education informed of the activities of outside agencies.

     Alison Plante, Chair
     Deborra Zukowski

Communication Committee 
     Don Ramsey, Chair
     Dan Cruson

Contract Negotiation Committee
      Dan Cruson
      Don Ramsey
      Deborra Zukowski

Curriculum and Instruction Committee
     John Vouros - Chair
     Don Ramsey

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
     Alison Plante - Chair
     Dan Cruson 
     Deborra Zukowski
Policy Committee
     Dan Cruson - Chair
     Deborra Zukowski
     Todd Higgins

Social Emotional Health and Wellness 
NHS:  John Vouros
     NMS:  Don Ramsey
     RIS:    Shannon Tomai
     HAW:  Todd Higgins
     HOM:  Dan Cruson
     MGS:  Alison Plante
     SHS:  Deborra Zukowski

Boards and Committees

    NFT Culture and Climate Committee
    John Vouros
    Don Ramsey

    Para Culture and Climate Committee
    John Vouros 

    District Safety and Security Team
    Daniel Cruson, Jr.

    Alison Plante

    Dan Cruson
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